Welcome to Interface

Connecting content makers and investors


 The UK’s interactive content marketplace took place on May 5th.

With a mixture of informative conference sessions inspirational keynotes and informative masterclass sessions, one to one pitching meetings, and exhibition featuring the latest in game development and publishing, contributed to a successful Interface 2016.


Work has already began on Interface 2017. If you wish to keep up to date with the development of the event please register your interest here.

2016 Developers included:
Digital Tales, Honey Tribe Studios, Input Mobile, RedBreast Studio, Fat Pebble, Chilled Mouse, Viewpoint Games, Sigtrap, Milky Tea, The Project Factory, Torque Studios, R Control, MoonJump, Pixlebomb, Universally Speaking, The Hero That Ran, Wish Studios, Pixel Spill, Giftgaming, Fat Fish Games, RedSix Games, Cupboard Games, Fourth State, UpDownLeftRight, RGBird Games, Sliding Pixel, Kurly Entertainment, LYTE, The Dangerous Kitchen, Gunkatana, Antstream, Large Visible Machine, Oxford Audio Post Production, FlySoftworks, Playback Interactive, Distinctive